Life is a rollercoaster. There are the ups, downs, dramatic falls and tall heights. I, as of right now, am at a huge fall on my rollercoaster. And it feels like this fall is going to be a long one. Let me start from the beginning. Not long ago, I began to hang out with... Continue Reading →


This post is going to be dedicated to anybody who is currently going through a hard time right now and is on the verge of losing their vision of their hopes and dreams. Whatever your circumstances may be I just want to make one thing clear, you can either become paralyzed and start to feel... Continue Reading →

The Hype Of Christmas

I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I love Christmas a lot because I love the snow, presents and family time. Also, I love the vacation from school. School is... interesting, so I love all the vacations we have. XOXO, Gregarious Girl ❤

Reblogged Inspiring

If you are living true to yourself and your inner drivers (and not purposefully trying to hurt others) then you never need to apologise for being yourself. If you are chasing your dream, doing what comes naturally, and being yourself at all times then others just need to accept you for you. If they cannot […]... Continue Reading →

Bored And… SNOW

Well, it snowed this morning! I was so excited but sad to see it melt right as it touched the ground. I love snow so much because it's beautiful and means Christmas is coming soon. I've been tired and bored lately and need ideas for this blog... I don't know what, but I do. I'm... Continue Reading →

The Office And Dance

Were watching The Office while I'm doing homework, and lemme just say, Dunder Mifflin should be legit where they hire people just like them. Michael Scott, in this episode, opened his own business and it isn't going very well... Anyways, on Saturday, I have dance New England dance Oirachtas for irish dance. I am super... Continue Reading →

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